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Global education

Unesco figures show that massive global teacher shortage, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and south Asia, poses major challenge to inclusive education

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Nearly 69 million new teachers must be recruited and trained in order to achieve global universal primary and secondary education, figures from the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation show, with sub-Saharan Africa and south Asia most affected by the worldwide shortage.

According to estimates from Unesco’s Institute for Statistics (UIS), published to coincide with World Teachers’ Day on 5 October, the international community needs to recruit 24.4 million primary school teachers, and 44.4 million secondary school teachers, in order to achieve the ambition of universal education outlined in the sustainable development agenda.

It is a huge aspiration, not least because an estimated 263 million children worldwide – including 25 million who are unlikely ever to receive any form of education – are out of school, according to a Andrew Geller® Theola Sandal guHIR2m
published this month. At secondary level, just 14% of young people in poor countries complete their studies.

In sub-Saharan Africa – the region with the fastest growing school-age population – more than 70% of countries face teacher shortages in primary schools, while 90% do not have enough secondary teachers, according to the data. In order to meet sustainable development goal four , which specifically calls for more qualified teachers and more teacher training in developing countries, roughly 17 million primary and secondary teachers will need to be recruited and trained in sub-Saharan Africa within the next 14 years.

South Asia faces the second largest teacher shortage, with an additional 15 million teachers – 11 million at secondary level – needed by 2030.

“Entire education systems are gearing up for the big push to achieve sustainable development goal four by 2030,” said Silvia Montoya, director of Unesco’s institute of statistics.

“But education systems are only as good as their teachers. Global progress will depend on whether there is even a teacher, or a classroom, in which to teach with a manageable number of children instead of 60, 70 or even more pupils. We also need training, resources and support for teachers to do their job.”

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